Chief Technical Officer

Ian Blackman is contracted to bring his industry experience, business network, passion, and drive in providing Chief Technical Officer services to the Institute. He is contracted to IIOM International and to the UK chapter.  Ian has more than thirty years of experience in industry working in Procurement Management, Component Engineering and Obsolescence Management roles which gives him the technical background. In addition to almost a decade in trade association management. These skills enable him to coordinate and satisfy a demanding set of requirements. He has twice been the elected Chairman of the predecessor organisation Component Obsolescence Group (COG) and was its longest serving elected Council member.
He has been an active participant in MOD/BSI/CECC & SAE standards generation in Obsolescence Management and Anti-counterfeiting.
He is the author of three of the IIOM Minefield guidance booklets and co-author of two others.
He is a regular speaker at IIOM events and events organized by other organisations.

The CTO Responsibilities are defined in a Statement of Work and include:
Being responsible for the technical content of the website,  the technical content of member meetings and of the International Conference and Workshop.
Being available as the media point of contact for press coverage and advertising. He is in regular contact with editors of more than twenty publications and newsletters.
He represents IIOM by engaging with other organisations, attending events and public speaking.
Examples of engagement with other organisations are:
  MOD CAWG (MOD Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group)
  MOD JOMWG (MOD Joint Obsolescence Management Working Group)
  ECSN (Electronic Component Supply Network)
  HVM Catapult TES Council (High Value Manufacturing Catapult Through Life Engineering Services Council) 
He provides secretarial support to the UK Council
He is the Social Media lead for the LinkedIn & Twitter accounts
He edits and writes International Newsletter and CTO Newsletters 
He is supporting the development of International Chapters up to the stage where Directors need to be involved.
He provides new member monitoring by email and in one to one conversations.
He is a member of the Professional Development Committee
He is a regular contributor to the IIOM Newsletter.

Contact Details
Ian Blackman
[email protected]
Mob +44(0) 07970 053669