What is IIOM?

The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM International) is a not for profit organisation that exists to advance the science and practice of Obsolescence Management. It is the organisation exercising its powers through delegation agreements to independent legal entities in the UK and various countries designated as Chapters. IIOM International is dedicated to improving the knowledge and best practice of Obsolescence practitioners through education, networking and process development.

The Institute is for professionals worldwide who are dedicated to furthering their knowledge and understanding of the Obsolescence Management discipline and who wish to network with a wide group of companies from a global membership.

IIOM Chapters are the means by which IIOM Members can organise local work, events and other activities.  IIOM Chapters will be run by a Chapter Council and will have committees as suits their numbers and interests.  Chapters will be legal entities in their own country.  Members join their local chapter and come from all industry sectors and all levels of the supply chain. Members are both users of components and providers of components and solutions. There are IIOM chapter members are located in thirteen countries around the world.

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Come to an IIOM UK Chapter first meeting - absolutely free!!. If you work in the military supply chain, medical, oil & gas, automotive, rail, energy generation or space industries managing obsolescence is vital. IIOM UK can help you. To apply to attend the next IIOM UK meeting free of charge send an email to admin@theiiom.org