Strategic Alliances

IIOM will engage with other associations to develop the Obsolescence Discipline where such associations benefit both parties.  Current Alliances include:

IIOM are affiliate members of the Electronic Component Supply Network which represents the manufacturers and distributors of electronic components in the UK. IIOM work closely with ECSN to emphasise best practice procurement and highlighting the risks from counterfeit products. ECSN are also a founder member of ESCO. To learn more about ECSN please go to their website at:

IIOM are active members of the two MOD led industry/government forums.

These are the JOMWG (Joint Obsolescence Management Working Group) and CAWG (Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group) Both groups have been influential in establishing best practice guidance and standards for use by the Defence Community.

International Standards Bodies.

IIOM and its members have led the development of international standards for Obsolescence Management, Component Management and Anti-Counterfeiting. IIOM lead the development teams for the International guide to Obsolescence Management IEC62402 that is being developed into a standard and which has widespread international adoption.