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IHS Markit Parts solutions have the greatest breadth and depth in the industry. No other company in the world has more data per component, more engineers sourcing and validating content, more data industry analysts or access to the unique, rich data content that IHS Markit provides.
The comprehensive database of electronic parts has rich technical details on over 600 million electronics components. Integrated alert notices summarized in a client's bill of material. More historical part content than any other electronic database. Access to over 15 million parts with full material disclosure documents.
PCNalert - World's leading PCN and EOL service, which monitors over 900 million items.
Insight from hundreds of commodity analysts from monitoring component health and pricing changes.
Focus and commitment to data quality.
Thought leader (webinars, best practices, white papers, supply chain analysis, stewardship)
Built-in workflow capabilities and so much more.
Access to the largest fastener database with over 30 million fasteners.
Manage Obsolescence and Constrained Supply

IHS BOM Intelligence (formerly BOM Manager)
Managing components and suppliers is more critical than ever as obsolescence, counterfeit, and non-compliance risks continue to grow. An effective product information management system will enable organizations to increase the pace of new product introductions, avoid costly production interruptions or product redesigns, and improve sustainability over extended service lives.
IHS BOM Intelligence provides the tools to build a competitive advantage by:

Proactively managing component obsolescence & compliance
Identifying at-risk components and technology throughout the entire product cycle
Eliminating redundant components, suppliers and excess inventories
Managing extended supply chains and avoiding counterfeit part risks
Avoiding shortages of critical components to meet production and revenue targets
Identifying technology advances that can affect designs, sources, or margins
Avoiding lost opportunities in markets with environmental regulations.

IHS Parts Intelligence (formerly CAPS Universe) -
Finding the right parts and suppliers is critical to product development, manufacturing and sustainment. Making the best decision at every step requires current, accurate information – from the latest technical and pricing data to obsolescence and compliance risks that may affect the availability of critical parts over a product’s service life. Parts Intelligence provides enterprise-wide access to detailed component and supplier information in a searchable, consistent format that enables users to:
Search and compare manufacturer’s parts side-by-side
Download datasheets, product change and end-of-life notices (PCN and EOL) and environmental compliance documents from a single source
Identify lead-free replacements from the original or alternate manufacturers
Find replacements based on lifecycle and years to end of life forecasts
Monitor high-risk and suspected counterfeit part alerts
View current pricing and availability data in distributor’s quotation and ordering systems
Identify aftermarket suppliers for discontinued parts
Single-Point Access to the Information You Need to Design, Source and Sustain Your Products Daily updates to Parts Intelligence provide current, comprehensive, consistent and accurate information, including:
Tens of millions of board-level components from over 3000 worldwide manufacturers with 500+ regularly updated and current
400+ Categories:
Integrated circuits
Frequency control devices
RF / Microwave
Fiber optic devices
Electromechanical devices
Normalized attributes and units for powerful parametric searching and cross-referencing across manufacturers
Commercial and military parts
Historical coverage of legacy parts
Datasheets (current and historical)
Application notes and timing diagrams
Product Change Notices
End of Life Notices
Full Material Disclosure data sheets
Conflict Mineral information
Manage Obsolescence Risks
Identify at-risk components with the supplier’s part status, end of life and change notices and IHS proprietary life cycle stage and years to end of life forecasts. CAPS Universe includes the information you need to avoid shortages or quickly find alternates for at-risk parts and suppliers.
Obsolescence and Component Life Cycle data
Part Status
Current Life Cycle Stage
Years to End Of Life Forecast
Last Time Buy date
Date of Introduction
Form-Fit-Function drop-in replacements
Functional equivalents
Direct and Similar replacements
Aftermarket manufacturer replacements
Search by part number, keyword or category and parametrics and filter the results to find the right part in less time.
View technical attributes and manufacturing data, datasheets, lifecycle forecasts, change notices, hazardous material content and compliance documents without searching multiple databases.
Continue your search with direct access to the leading electronics distributors for the latest pricing and availability information.
View Manufacturers World-Wide Authorised Distributors
New Export Compliance Data
Export restrictions affect not only defense-related products, but can apply to dual-use items - electronics and computer technology that have civilian and military application. CAPS Universe now includes four (4) attributes to help you track controlled items through the supply chain, ensure proper classification of your products and maintain compliance with export regulations:
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
ECCN Governance (ITAR or EAR)
Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code
Schedule B Classification Code
Proactively Manage Environmental Compliance
Evolving regulations and a growing list of restricted substances make it more important than ever to manage the components in your products. With CAPS Universe, you can find compliance and hazardous material data and documents alongside the technical and sourcing information in a consistent, searchable format. Hazardous Material Data and Documentation includes:
EU and China RoHS compliance status & exemptions
REACH SVHC and PDSL presence
CAS accounted for weight
Hazardous substance concentration and weight
Environment Friendly Use Period
Compliance Number and Identifier
Manufacturing parameters
Certificates of Compliance
Full Material Disclosure documents
Material declaration data sheets
IPC-1752-2 Material Declarations
Terminal finish and JESD-609 code
Conflict Mineral declaration information

IHS PCNalert - Daily alerts on supply chain issues affecting your parts
Manufacturer’s updates continuously monitored;
notices indexed and posted within 24 hours
• Critical information delivered in a standard format summary report with key dates such as last time buy, the affected part number, the number of affected AVL parts
• Improved matching algorithm delivers specific, relevant updates so users do not need to sift through pages of manufacturer notices
• Easy-to-read summary report, color-coded to indicate match confidence
Access to catalogued, document-centric database for easy retrieval and review of manufacturer’s notices
• Integrated solution with access to email alerts, summary reports, document database, and web-based alert management tools
• Easy to configure and administer users and parts lists.

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